Ransom grants



The Catholic Church in England and Wales is made up of parish communities, each living out the mission of Christ in distinct ways. Since its foundation, the Guild has been committed to supporting parishes in their local mission, in particular parishes which are challenged financially. 

Today, the Ransom Grant remains the primary work of the Guild, offering poor parishes a monetary grant to support their work of evangelisation and local mission.


An application may be submitted on behalf of any Catholic parish in England or Wales, by either the parish priest or another member of the community with the approval of the parish priest. The Guild intends to prioritise Catholic parishes who are limited in funds and seeking to develop in their work of evangelisation. Therefore, we are only able to consider applications that meet the following criteria.

All applicants must:

Be applying on behalf of a parish of The Catholic Church of England and Wales as the parish priest or with the approval of the parish priest.

Have an annual income (from weekly collection and Gift Aid) of less than £30,000.

Have the intention to use The Ransom Grant for
- Resource purchases
- Formation or training tools
- Leadership training for lay leaders, especially young adults
- Parish missions 
- General support of the parish

Be committed to fulfil the obligations of The Ransom Grant within 12 months of receiving the Grant, namely to:
- Celebrate at least five Masses for the forgotten dead
- Promote The Guild and membership to the Guild in the parish
- Submit a short report on the benefit of The Ransom Grant



Once you have submitted your application, it will be considered against the criteria listed above. After the application has been authenticated, you will be contacted via email with confirmation and next steps.

Please note that we have a limited number of grants available for distribution each year and will award these on a first come first served basis.

Grant applications will be opening soon.